Name that Puppy!

At Bible study last night, we were discussing how the way we talk and the way we communicate can be directly related to our sexual integrity. I chimed in with the notion that being honest about our behavior (or the behavior of others) makes it easier to really deal with it. I illustrated this by saying, “If you name the puppy, it makes it easier to treat it like a dog”. I got hoots and giggles from all the gals, and heard “name the puppy” several times over the rest of the night.

But I think the idea is worth sharing with you, dear Siestas. Although we were talking specifically about ways to maintain sexual integrity, this is a truth that is applicable to a broader scope of topics. I challenge us–myself included–to be really honest about the things we are dealing with. Yes, it will be uncomfortable, but if we are truly striving to be women of integrity, then we are called to be honest with God and ourselves. Now, I’m not talking about taking up ad-space in the local paper to declare your dirty laundry–just really admitting to God, yourself, and even an accountability partner the truth about the things you are going through. Once we have done this, we can start seeking the help we need. Besides, God already knows exactly what our issues are, so we aren’t fooling him by minimizing our junk. We are only fooling ourselves.

OOh faith takes bravery, doesn’t it? But you know, I also believe that we can do all things through our God who strengthens us. So, if you’re feeling like a coward (surely I’m not the only one!) never hesitate to ask the Holy Spirit to fortify your backbone. I have every confidence that that is a request He will happily grant.

Name that Puppy girls!!!!!

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