the non-post post

It’s been ages since I’ve checked in with you and I have to admit the backlog is beginning to get to me. I’ve got several articles competing for my attention, and I hardly know where to begin. So, I’ve been stalling.

And here it is: I’m stalling again.
In a way.

I just really wanted to get something posted right away, and so I am using this post as a small dose of accountability. And to gain a false sense of accomplishment, I suppose.

So here’s the deal. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and have had some interesting conversations, all of which I’m bursting to share with you. So, by way of committing myself to it, I’ve decided to give you an idea of what’s on the menu. Feel free to give me a hard time if I name something here, but don’t seem to be getting around to the actual post.

First, I’ve been yacking non-stop about a certain author lately, and really want to share my thoughts on the matter with you. I’m still deciding the merit of naming him outright in the article, so be prepared: he may remain anonymous for the sake of my point. As it stands right now, it seems that if I name this man the point of the article (being mainly about how I, as a daughter of the Most High God, should handle the situation) would simply degenerate into a ridiculous internet confessional, and my blog will be hurtled entirely out of the realm of all usefulness, into the oblivion of meaningless-internet-white noise. But, let me move on before I start to sound ridiculous. I will however mention, that this particular article is a culprit in my current delay. I’m particularly interested in writing this one first, and suspect that it will be long. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up splitting it into two or more entries. There, now you’re warned. But I think it will be worth your patience.

I have also been thinking that a couple of personal posts are in order. First, the significance of the word valkyrie, and why I have chosen to refer to myself this way. I don’t believe the meaning is altogether evident, and so I feel compelled to offer an explanation or a definition. Be warned however, that I will probably cheat, and just copy the article from my myspace page. I’ve already written an explanation there, as it is my screen name on the infamous social networking site.

The other personal post will be something of an explanation of the nature of this blog–an apology if you will–as to why you won’t see family photos here, or recipe exchanges, etc. I prefer to leave those thing to the afore-mentioned myspace page, where I actually mirror many of these posts. And will possibly include the only photo you’ll probably see of myself on this blog. Remember it as an historic moment. Truly. (It’s already on my myspace page, and yes, I admit, I have a diminished sense of variety).

Add to this a few conversations I’ve had lately with some dear sisters, involving wheelchairs, purpose and passion, and spiritual leadership, and you might be able to sympathize with me and my procrastination. I don’t know about you, but I do find it difficult to focus on one topic when I have half-a-dozen ricocheting off of each other inside my little head.

So there’s my confession, and my request for accountability. My friends and co-workers will appreciate your help in this, since the longer I drag my feet on writing, the more I gab their ears off with these ideas. It will be nice to eventually put them to bed.

In the meantime, I’m putting myself to bed. It’s late.

Good night!

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