Are you broken?

Because, beloved, we are born into a broken world. And it will not let us pass through without being broken along the way.

So we are left with the decision to take up and bear the cross we are offered, or to let it fall on us and pin us down. We can bear it’s weight; wrap our arms around it and embrace what has been designed by the world to kill us. Funny how the very thing God will work redemption through feels like the only thing we we can’t survive. Well, that might be the point. Some part of us–the awful, hurtful, demon- in-training inside of us–isn’t supposed to survive.

So, my dear, have you been broken? Does it hurt like hell? Are you going to hold onto it, stroke it and love it; find your identity in it as it consumes you? Or are you going to let Him heal you? Cause here’s something else to chew on: our cross isn’t our final destination. Our place of brokenness isn’t our final destination. It wasn’t His either. He promised to finish what he started.

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