Top 10 reasons christian gals date non-christian guys

We all know at least one girl from church who dates non-christian guys, despite her heart-felt confessions at small group Bible study that she’s really looking for a man of God who could be her spiritual leader. So why, you surely ask, does she repeatedly date guys who don’t match the criteria? Thanks to my lovely friends Ashlee and Rachel we have come up with the top 10 reasons christian gals sometimes date non-christian guys:

10. you don’t have to “court”, whatever that means.
9. you know what he’s after, regardless of whether or not you’re willing to give it to him
8. you actually know when you’re on a date
7. strangers in church won’t ask you how soon the wedding will be
6. church attendance doesn’t count as a date
5. breaking up doesn’t include the either of the phrases “the only relationship I should be in right now is with Jesus” or “let’s just see what God has in store for us”
4. you don’t have to find a new church when it’s over
3. he will never compare you to Proverbs 31
2. his list of qualities that he’s looking for in a girlfriend doesn’t include a willingness/ability to home school his future children
1. well, frankly, non-Christian guys are the ones asking

and honorable mentions go to:
notable absence of the pre-dating breakup: where one person in the friendship feels compelled to organize a DTR (define the relationship) to let the other person down easily, despite the fact that they’ve never been on a date together.
he thinks the idea of “kissing dating goodbye” is absurd

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