Since I’ve left Boise

-I’ve met my first surfer-scholar (imagine both cliche’s smashing into each other)

-the Target store here has its own parking garage, and a man who patrols said garage on a segue. It has decals of shields and badges, and is meant to look official and intimidating, but the effect somehow isn’t.

-the best way to park in Vegas is valet. Anywhere else I’ve been, the valet is only for people interested in dropping an extra twenty bucks for parking, but Vegas says it isn’t so. Pay what you want valet service saves the day!

-Pasadena isn’t humid (this I already knew) but it feels humid to a girl from the high desert of Idaho; at least for a few days. But now I’ve also brought the Idaho heat with me, so today we’re expecting a high of 101. ugh.

-feeling confident about the LA freeway system doesn’t mean you won’t still get tense. Especially when the person in the passenger seat yells as a joke.

-speaking of the freeway, a gps is a lifesaver. But you should still have an idea where you’re going. It’s not cool when you’re navigational brain stops telling you what to do while it’s “searching for signal” since the last tunnel you went through. Plus if you miss your exit, you’re out of luck for several more exits, as you pass by alternate route after alternate route as it recalculates multiple times.

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