Just a little stream-of-consciousness

Something got my mind spinning this morning on our nostalgic hold on the idea of family, and how the reconstruction of this concept has been a little threatening to some.  It made me think about the way we idealize our collective past:  “the good ol’ days”.  How much of this nostalgia seems to me to be rooted in our desire for security.  So then, I wondered, what if we could be bold enough to loosen our grip on our need for security?  What if we gave up our right to demand security? 

Well, then, we’d have to really trust God, wouldn’t we?

Funny thing is, the God I know is far more capable of keeping us safe and secure than we could ever do for ourselves. 

So then, I asked myself, What would it look like if I put aside my attempts at maintaining my comfort, my security, my safety? What if I instead used that time, energy and resources, to engage the world around me?

What do you imagine would happen in our world if we dared to live that way?

(How’s that for end-of-finals-week delirium?)

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