What are your questions?

Questions can be valuable.  They can prompt us to be thoughtful and deliberate and can stir us up where we are stagnant.  They get our minds going.  They can wake us up.
Here are some of mine:

What is the value of anger?  Why do we feel compelled to come to the aid of God as if he were crippled in some way? When is turning around giving up, and when does it mean that you’re trying harder? What is judgment? What does God love about the state of humanity RIGHT NOW?  Why do we feel threatened by the choices we have? Why do we like to call our possessions “blessings”? Why do we feel threatened by those who differ/disagree with us? Why do we have a need to abolish questions within our faith? When does the value of the question supersede the value of the answer?

What are yours?

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