Sacred Matters: Film

Have you ever stopped to consider the impact of the films you watch on your life?  
 Our religious instincts are irrevocably connected to our methods of storytelling.  Film and movies (for those of you who make the distinction) are a significant part of how our cultural identity has been—and is being—formed.  We delight in being entertained, and we go to the movie theatre for the experience, and for many that experience includes little food rituals. 
We recognize this when we say that this movie or that one really needs to be seen on the “big screen” because we understand that something is lost when we view these stories on the small screen at home.  Some movies strike us as impactful enough to warrant our time, money, spatial presence and even our discussion. 
Yes we take our movie experiences very seriously.   
Don’t believe me?  Talk really loud through the next film you go to, and see how long it takes for someone to ask you to stop.

*as part of an assignment/educational experiment, I am blogging my way through the required reading for one of my courses this quarter.  If you wish to read all the posts that I write for this class click on the label TC 500, below.  I will also be tweeting some thoughts as well.  Check them out at @nickybarger,  they’re labeled with #tc500

**I failed to mention this previously, the book I am currently blogging in response to is Sacred Matters by Gary Laderman

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