Sacred Matters: Sexuality

Truly universal, sex and sexuality is a facet of the human experience that all cultures have in common.
I think, personally, that there is so much more to God’s creation and design of the sex act than we commonly understand.  I think that we sense this at least to a degree because we take sexual transgression so seriously.  It is also hinted at by the anthropological truth that so many (ancient and even modern) religions have a sexual element to them. 
This religious drive is often expressed in language of fertility, but I think we understand that it is more significant than the mere propagation of the species. 
We can encounter an expression of the divine when engaged sexually, even if we are unwilling to admit a belief in the divine.

*as part of an assignment/educational experiment, I am blogging my way through the required reading for one of my courses this quarter. If you wish to read all the posts that I write for this class click on the label TC 500, below. I will also be tweeting some thoughts as well. Check them out at @nickybarger, they’re labeled with #tc500

**I failed to mention this previously, the book I am currently blogging in response to is Sacred Matters by Gary Laderman

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