Surprises at a "certain age"

Have you reached the “certain age” where you still consider yourself young and hip, but things cross your mind or come out of your mouth that you never expected — at least not while you were still young and hip?  I’ve begun to collect some as they occur to my friends and me.  Here’s what we have so far:

  • while walking down the sidewalk you happen to notice a man, and think to yourself, “He’s attractive”.  Then you notice his bald-spot.  Then you realize that noticing his bald spot has had no effect on your initial assessment.  You still find him attractive.
  • your friend is excited about her new cell phone has the perfect timer app to facilitate time-outs for her two-year old.
  • you put “chores” in your weekly schedule, and having a set-aside time for them is a relief, not a punishment.
  • Guys you know are already planning how they will intimidate the future suitors of their daughters (years in advance). Having forgotten how intimidating the fathers of girls they dated were, and how they swore to never be that mean when they got “old”.
  • the occasional excitement over the possibility of having the time and freedom for a nap.
  • double-fisting coffee is more impressive (or pitiful, take your pick) than double-fisting alcohol.  Either way, it is more common.
  • more of your friends plan their day, specifically their meals, around special dietary considerations… Soy Latte, anyone?
  • You realize that the phrase “settled down” might have always been code for “my butt got big, and I’m too busy to do anything about it”
  • someone in their early twenties calls 80’s music “oldies”
  • you start looking for ways to defend 31 as the new 21
What would you add?

2 thoughts on “Surprises at a "certain age"

Add yours

  1. Girl. I've always planned on how to intimidate my daughter's boyfriends. When I meet a girl's parents, I expect them to try and scare the hell out of me.And I never realized the "butt got big"= settling down bit before…seems it may be true…


  2. Ooo, I've got some!~ You can't tell the difference between college freshmen and high school freshmen anymore.~ You find yourself wanting to pat enthusiastic 21-year-olds on the head.~ The urge to get a cat/dog/child becomes more frequent and harder to resist.


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