A Prayer About Creativity

image by Stefan Robinson, used with permission

For those of us who are currently students, many of us are headed right into the finals season, and all the exciting things that lay just beyond it.  For many others of you, you aren’t currently students, but you do have important things coming up soon.  I find prayer to be an important thing in such seasons, and here I would like to share with you my recent prayer. 

Merciful Lord, you are the creator and the source of all creativity.  Thank you for your loving work of creativity in my life.  Thank you for blessing humanity with the ability to be creative, in your image. 

      I have a project laid out before me Lord, and I confess that I am inadequate to complete it. Just the same, I cannot put this project aside. Please bless me, and bless my work.  Help me to be disciplined. Holy Spirit please be a participant in this creative process, inspire this project and be the message and the ultimate subject so that it may honor you.  Grant me wisdom so that my efforts may be fruitful and focused in the right way.

     Further than that, Dear God, please create and inspire the project that you would have me work on—so that it would be better than anything I could invent on my own.  When I am busy, tired, stressed, uninspired or even lazy, please continue to develop and incubate this work so that when I do return to it, it has not faltered because of my shortcomings or limitations.  I do not ask to be excused from doing my part, but I do ask that you come along side me and overcome my weakness and failings. Please be a part of this project, every step of the way, that it may glorify you and fulfill your vision.  Thank you for being the God of artistry. Thank you for inviting me to participate in any creative endeavor.  I trust you to keep me from diminishing what you would have this work be. 

     More than all of this, be the master of any endeavor I pursue, including this one. May the work of my hands and mind be in submission to you, and for your glory. 

      It is my heart to glorify you through the skills and talents that you have given me.  May it be so.  Amen. 

We all seem to look forward to summer because it promises to be fun and exciting.  A time for vacations and adventures. New challenges and new experiences.

I am looking forward to summer.

But before I get there (and even after I do) I have a lot going on, and so I plan to keep the praying up. I think it is going to be one of the most important things I do this summer, and I have some really good stuff coming up.

What do you think about prayer?

4 thoughts on “A Prayer About Creativity

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  1. I had someone tell me recently that he envied seminary students for all the time we have to spend with God. At first I got a little defensive – clearly he does not have an accurate picture of my life – but then I started wondering why it is that I spend so much time reading and writing about theology, but hardly any time dedicating what I do to God and asking Him for help.

    My current struggle has lasted all quarter but is certainly exacerbated by finals, I cannot focus! In everything I attempt, my thoughts always wander to what’s next. So, with an additional line about being able to focus, I may just practice your prayer in these coming days… I haven’t had clarity of mind to write anything nearly so eloquent as of late!


  2. I’m always amused when people say things like, “I feel helpless to do anything, but I’ll pray”. What else is there? What is more effective than drawing on the resources of Almighty God? We humans always feel that we have to “do” something, rather than just “be” in His presence. There is no greater power, wisdom, or creative force than what He provides.


  3. “busy, tired, stressed, uninspired or even lazy”–I feel like I’m all of those at once lately, and that’s the only way I am over-achieving. I am reminded of the scripture that says “It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors; For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep” (Psalm 127:2). At once calming and challenging, to decry what is vain and take up what is eternal.

    Thank you for the thought and effort that you’re putting into this.


  4. Very cool and encouraging prayer. Thanks for sharing this. And I would add: We are grateful, Lord, for the pleasure that you take in our creative work. The fact that he takes pleasure in my creative work gives me confidence and a sense of acceptance, and puts meat on the reality of his love for me.

    And prayer – it is the work, isn’t it? More than any teaching, writing, or leading that I can do, prayer brings me and those around me into communion with the living God.

    Again, thanks for sharing. This project is a blessing.


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