Unscripted Ephesians Ch 6

We’ve come to the end of our series on the book of Ephesians, but we’re not through yet.

The last chapter of Ephesians contains a little segment that is popular with Sunday school teachers: the good ole’ “armor of God”. What I find interesting and entertaining about this passage is how we’ve seemed to make it kid-sized through video games and coloring books, but have all but abandoned the adult implications of it.

Granted, the imagery is perhaps a bit outdated from our modern context—helmets, breastplates, shields—but not so far as to preclude our understanding of the passage. What I see at the heart of the piece is that we are offered skills and tools, but the question remains, are we using them? If I direct a play, I will get copies of the scripts for everyone who needs it. It is a necessary tool. Rehearsals are another tool. So are calendars, and costumes and props. These are the things that we are offered in order to do our work. For the people of God, Ephesians 6 offers a list of things that we simply shouldn’t do without. Yet we keep trying to.

What tools in your life do you know you would be lost without? What things do you know you need, but perhaps neglect? It would be really tempting for all of us to speak up and say that we wake up every morning already reading the Bible. But for many of us that simply isn’t true. And for others still, the Bible isn’t something that they place any value in. So, honestly, what can’t you do without?

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