The Prophet Nathan

Nathans where are you?

These evangelical leaders who have built church-kingdoms to exalt their own name, to bring themselves power and authority. They drive away the dissenting voices. They curate, consolidate and fortify their power.

They drive away the prophetic voices that would call out idols, making the wealthy and entitled voices cry out, “That is uncomfortable and I don’t like it. Make them go away or I will leave and take my tithe with me.”

They whisper seduction in the bedroom voices of Babylon.

Pastor Narcissus, there’s a message that the Nathans have for you:

You have, indeed, followed the example of King David, the Biblical king you love to ‘study’. That warrior poet you want to identify with–ignoring your own Saul-like profile. You latched onto one thing David did that you shouldn’t emulate. You abuse your power to take the wife of another, and then you abuse her.

The Church is the Bride Christ, and he is a Jealous Husband. You can’t send Him to the frontlines like Uriah to conveniently die. You call her to you, to follow you, to subtly worship you, to love you, to exalt you. To lift your name up. To consume you. To bear your fruit. You work to make the bride of Christ your whore.

The blasphemy you commit for your own glory will come due.

Woe to the church leaders who seek their own glory.

Nathans, where are you? The time has come to speak up.

Nathan has something important to say to David. And bless it, he listened.

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