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The Armory Journal is a devotional resource for you, the #Shieldmaiden of Christ.

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January 2021 update:

It has been weighing on my heart for a while that the Armory Journal is a tool that I wish to offer freely. I’ve decided to upload the pdf file here for your use, free of charge. Click here to get your free copy of my full page pdf version of the Armory Journal (last updated in 2018, future versions may be offered in a different manner). If you find the journal useful, and would like to say “thank you” please consider sharing this page with friends so they may download their own copies. Please also consider donating to keep the page active, clicking the follow buttons to the right, or signing up for emails (I am terrible at sending them, so you might not ever hear from me).

If you are interested in ordering hard copies of the Armory Journal (pictured above), please email me at

About the Journal

This is a journal unlike anything you’ve used before. Unlike blank books where you record your thoughts one page at a time, or bullet journals where you have to create the segments yourself before you can use them, the Armory Journal is an adjustable, customizable and refillable resource. Inspired by the Armor of God found in Ephesians chapter 6, this journal is designed to be a repository for the different ways God is pouring into your life to equip you. Things that seem random and unconnected, aren’t really. The sermon series you’ve been getting at church. Your devotional reading, that famous Bible teacher you like so much, your weekly Bible Study group. Whatever you’re getting right now, it is ultimately coming from one source: God. The Armory Journal is a centralized tool to pool all the different resources that God is using to equip and grow you, so that you can begin to see how He is working deliberately and intentionally in your life.

History of the Armory Journal

If you read through some of the archived posts on this site (specifically see this one) you’ll see that I’ve been wrestling with a problem for a few years.  I have been a believer pretty much my whole life.  I asked Jesus to make his home in my heart and be my Lord and Savior when I was 5.  I grew up attending Church.  I’ve held leadership positions, written and taught Bible studies, and even went to seminary to get a Masters Degree in Theology.  You would think with all of this, that I would be an unshakeable, Bible-thumping, unwavering and undefeatable woman of faith.  You would think.

But life gets tough.

And my life has been no exception.  The last few years have been pretty tough for me and my family, and there have been times that I have found myself really struggling to cope with it.  And that bothered me (nice little cycle, isn’t it?  We go through a hard time, and then come down on ourselves for having a hard time, making it worse.  Have you ever done that?).  What bothered me in particular was that as a woman of faith, I felt that things were getting to me more than they ought to be.  As a follower of Christ, who is promised help, a reason not to fear in the Shadow of the Valley of Death, and Victory in Christ, I felt shouldn’t be struggling as much as I was.  I felt I should be tougher, more resilient, and more hopeful.  Was my faith letting me down?  Was I a fake? Or was something missing?

I started asking myself questions about how I ended up in this state.  And I began to realize that there may be a gap or weak spot in my spiritual development.  I think that if you look throughout scripture you will find portrait after portrait of incredibly strong women.  Meek?  Sure.

Often subordinated or even oppressed? No doubt.  But strong, and victorious just the same.

The Shieldmaiden

A few years ago I heard a talk by a wonderful story-teller, Lauralee Farrar, (who later became a mentor for a time), and she referred to herself as a Handmaiden to the Lord.  I loved the beautiful picture this painted. It was inspiring to also picture myself this way.  To be a handmaiden is to be in a position of intimacy, honor, service and humility.  Later, when my life took a turn toward the difficult, this word-picture came back to me.   But as I was thinking, praying and studying my way through this tough season, the idea of being a Handmaiden felt lacking in something.  Then I recalled the image of the Shieldmaiden I had discovered as a girl, reading Tolkien. She is everything that the Handmaiden is, but more–because when opposing forces threaten to knock down her door, she is armed, trained and prepared to resist.**

victory woman

This is what I wanted to be.  A servant of Christ who is also strengthened by him to be victorious over the hardships, battles and attacks that come.  This gave my personal study focus and direction, and my life started changing.  As I studied, I knew that this is something that is so important not only in my life, but in the lives of other women as well.  Surely I am not the only woman out there who desires to be Victorious in Christ?  Surely I am not the only one who wants to wear the Armor of God, who wants to fight like a girl, and also be a spiritual force to be reckoned with. Maybe I wasn’t the only one who had been inadvertently taught that to be a woman of faith was seceretly a state of subltle victimhood? Maybe I wasn’t the only one that didn’t want to live that identity anymore.  I want to be a Shieldmaiden of Christ.  Do you want to be one too?

Armory Journal

As I worked on this project, I soon became convinced that this would be something that would have value for others, not just myself.  But how would I share it?  What format would it take?  Should I start posting like crazy on my old blog? Am I writing a book? A Bible study? I tried Periscope a few times (and will probably do it again in the future).  I wrote a few blog posts.  But mostly I just studied. And took notes. Lots of notes. And early on, I thought that at least part of this project would involve an element of interaction.  I started thinking about creating a non-linear journal.  Something with different segments that would help the Shieldmaiden develop and grow closer to God, and deeper in her faith.  Something flexible that a person could personalize.  I began thinking and praying about a devotional journal that could be a resource for us as God develops us into the victorious women he has designed us to be.  Inspired by the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, I decided to call it the Armory Journal.  Armories are depositories used to store resources for military use.  Weapons and ammunition are the obvious things stored there, but you’ll also find things like uniforms, blankets, non-perishables and even personnel. Armories can be the one-stop shopping for a military force to get what they need to function.

Likewise, I see God’s equipping work in our lives this way: things that seem random and disconnected, aren’t really.  The sermon series you’ve been getting at church.  Your (sometimes) daily devotional reading, that famous Bible teacher you like so much, your weekly Bible Study group.  Whatever you’re getting right now, it is ultimately coming from one source: God.  So why not collect all that training and input into one place?  The Armory Journal is a centralized tool that gives us a chance to pool all the different resources that God is using to equip and grow you, so that you can begin to see how He is working deliberately and intentionally in your life.

**Please note, this is not intended to be interpreted as a posture toward culture-war or literal conflict with others. Biblical authors used word pictures like the “armor of God” to paint a metaphorical picture for spiritual battles, and spiritual strength and prepared-ness. Our battles are not against flesh and blood. It is essential distinction to make in our current era. I hope it comes across clearly in my online presence, but let me make this absolutely clear: I wholeheartedly denounce Christian Nationalism, and culture-war posturing. To interpret anything I have offered on my site as supportive of CN or culture war, would be to grossly misinterpret my words and intent.

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  1. What an interesting idea! I look forward to seeing what the Armory Journal is and how it functions in our daily lives as Christian women! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! This is going to be such a wonderful tool to help women grow in their love for the Lord. Where they can stand up, be brave yet vulnerable and can help in reaching others that are lost and looking Christ.
    I am definitely interested (as I hold support groups for hurting women in my community) and I will be following you to see what comes next. I can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vera! I’m so excited about this project, and I’m working to get it into the hands of every woman I can. If you’d like to talk about getting an advance copy by becoming an ambassador, or about getting multiple copies for your group, I’d love to work with you. Email me at


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