Right in your own eyes

“They did what was right in their own eyes.” It appears in scripture over and over. I used to gloss over this phrase, briefly imagining people doing terrible things while justifying their actions to themselves. I would imagine people behaving selfishly, hurting others, stealing, lying, cheating and worse. And, surely, these things did happen.

But it struck me that many who were “doing what was right in their own eyes” may have actually been trying to do good things. Service, generosity, philanthropy, even worship. Plenty of “good people” trying to do “good things”. But good intentions, as we know, can often pave the way to things and places we do not want.  Continue reading “Right in your own eyes”

Car Rodeo

I found a raccoon in my car.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have lived way too much of my life disconnected from the truth of how God delights in me. Not that he’s delighted in everything that I say and do, but he loves me so dearly that he delights in me, in spite of my imperfections. I know the people probably say it so much that it’s really just a cliché anymore, but becoming a parent has taught me so many things about my relationship with God–things that I just either barely had a vague concept of before, or simply didn’t know at all. Continue reading “Car Rodeo”

What is a Shieldmaiden in Christ?

If you have spent any amount of time looking around my site, (welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!!) you’ve probably noticed that I frequently use the term “Shieldmaiden.”   You might be asking questions like: what is a Shieldmaiden? What am I referring to when I use the term?

Am I borrowing from a popular TV show on basic cable?

Am I making references to paganism? (short answer: no.  Pagans do not have exclusive claim to Shieldmaidens) Continue reading “What is a Shieldmaiden in Christ?”

Merging right to turn left

Spoiler alert: A co-worker of mine tried to kill me the other day.

Ok, perhaps not LITERALLY, but kinda. It felt like it anyway.

Like so many, I have a morning commute .  Many of you know all too well that 7:45 am, mass hysteria of the semi-caffeinated hordes. Luckily my drive only takes me a few miles, and very rarely gets out of hand.   Continue reading “Merging right to turn left”

Battle Cries

The incredible truth of declaring “it is well with my soul”, is the fact that in any given moment, it very well might not be. It is easy enough to declare ‘my soul is at peace’ when all about us is calm and peaceful. But to speak words of power into the darkness and turmoil of desperate, troubling times is not easy.  This bravery wields a confident expectation that is the core of the valiant shieldmaiden of Christ: to declare that He conquers all, that the battle and the strength is truly his. And for those who are His, the victory is already won. It Is Well With My Soul is not wishful thinking or self-delusion. It is a powerful stance that we can and must take in the darkest moments. When Satan bends so much circumstance to his will in order to make us despair, we answer his challenge with the battle cry: you have no power over me. Christ is Victorious, and so it is well with my soul!

What is your Battle Cry?

New things are coming

Here’s your first look at something new coming up soon. Be sure to check here and the Facebook group at ​https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArmoryJournal for updates and new posts. ​ 

Like I said in the video, take a look at Judges chapter 9. We’ll be examining an original #shieldmaiden as we explore the concept.

Looking forward to discussing this with you all!

Agnes and the Big Void

It occurred to me a few years ago that as our faith deepens, so can our capacity for melancholy–it seems the two can be quite attached. I remember reading that Mother Theresa had struggled more with her faith in the last few years of her life than ever before.  The idea occurred to me that the longer we press into God, the more we discover Him, the more we discover how much we don’t know and can’t understand about him.  And, truth be told, we simply don’t like that.  The more we invest in God, the more we learn about him, the closer we want to be to having a handle on who and what He is.  We really do want him to be small enough to understand, to comprehend, and perhaps even, to control. It’s unsettling when we discover that that doesn’t happen.  We just get more and more capable of understanding how infinitely big God is, and more and more aware of how incapable we are of understanding him.   Our concept of Big gets even bigger. And sometimes that realization is depressing.  Perhaps we need to accept that a hallmark of a maturing faith, is that the sunshine and lollypops of the Santa-God who grants three wishes dissappears.  Replaced by a mysterious and wild God whom we can neither predict nor control.
And all the while, God can hold onto us, even when he seems so alien to us, we don’t even know  how or  where to hold on to him.