Hang in there Kitten (Confession #6)

Don't get me wrong, encouragement is an essential to our human spirit--and I know the need intimately. And yes, sometimes I can manage to look at that cute little kitten and respond with something other than scoffing, sarcastic judgement. But I must admit that sometimes we simply need more than what passes for encouragement by today's standards. You and I need more than platitudes and pep-talks.

What the H*ll Do I Know? (Confession 5)

I have a friend going through a bit of a faith-crisis at the moment, and it really is one of those things that can make you feel completely impotent. ┬áNot only is nearly impossible to know what to say or do, it is pretty much certain that anything you say or do will probably only... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts

Sitting in our morning lecture, and I have a whole train of thoughts competing with, and in response to, what Todd Johnson has to share this morning. I got to thinking about what kind of theatre I might want to do and I returned again to the idea of shows with questions, ideas and topics... Continue Reading →

Are you Lazy? (confession 4)

Man, sometimes I feel like the laziest person I know. I live with two other women, and we're all quite different from one another.  Both of my roommates put me to shame when it comes to focus.  They both always seem to be studying, or getting lots of other things done.  One of my roommates... Continue Reading →

Quick, Slow, Slow (confession #3)

Several weeks ago, I was at lunch with some friends and one made the offhand comment that she just wasn't a Bible-study person. Several things happened at once, and I want to highlight two of them for our conversation today. When this comment hit the table, no one responded--their silence electing me as the Spokesperson... Continue Reading →

the dreaded loneliness post. (confession #2)

Here it is, the one you may have been waiting to see, and hoping not to see all at the same time:the dreaded loneliness post.If you were expecting it to be different, you've never done this before. You've never left your whole tribe--left your Haran and gone out 'to the place you will be shown'... Continue Reading →

confession 1: surly old lady

I confess, I am sometimes a surly old lady. Granted, I'm not old, but if you read a transcript of some of the grumpy things I say and do, you would surely think Patty and Selma Bouvier are my kindred spirits. If you have met me on one of my SOL day's I apologize. Despite... Continue Reading →

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