41 blessings in one day

1. I woke up on time (yes, on a day like today, undoubtedly a blessing) 2. I managed to get to my 8 am class on time 3. before I got to class, I actually had time to grab a cup of coffee. 4. and before that, I managed to eat a decent breakfast (this... Continue Reading →

Doing things out of order?

Ok, so I know that the blogosphere loves Pics. I know this. Yet do I ever post any?So, here are some over due pics of the move to fuller. Enjoy (sorry, many of these were out of focus, I forgot to change my camera to night setting before passing it around, my bad)Sadly we only... Continue Reading →

Look UP

Before I left Idaho I would frequently look up and catch sight of an osprey, or from time to time and eagle, and think to myself "here's one way I will miss Idaho. Surely I won't be able to look up and see birds of prey in the sky above LA."As I became aware of... Continue Reading →

the dreaded loneliness post. (confession #2)

Here it is, the one you may have been waiting to see, and hoping not to see all at the same time:the dreaded loneliness post.If you were expecting it to be different, you've never done this before. You've never left your whole tribe--left your Haran and gone out 'to the place you will be shown'... Continue Reading →

Since I’ve left Boise

-I've met my first surfer-scholar (imagine both cliche's smashing into each other)-the Target store here has its own parking garage, and a man who patrols said garage on a segue. It has decals of shields and badges, and is meant to look official and intimidating, but the effect somehow isn't.-the best way to park in... Continue Reading →

Traveling Music

I rarely feel as close to God as when I Embark. Traveling music calls my heart to worship in a totally unique way, and I thrill at the prospect of hearing God say "go to the place I will show you."Here's the song I've had on repeat for weeks now.And when I listen to it,... Continue Reading →

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