Unscripted Ephesians Ch 6

We’ve come to the end of our series on the book of Ephesians, but we’re not through yet. The last chapter of Ephesians contains a little segment that is popular with Sunday school teachers: the good ole’ “armor of God”. What I find interesting and entertaining about this passage is how we’ve seemed to make... Continue Reading →

Unscripted Ephesians Ch 5

Last time we talked about the book of Ephesians, we talked about the directive in chapter 4 to “live a life worthy of the calling you have received”.  If you happened to go crack a Bible and look that passage up, you’ll have noticed that much of the rest of the chapter goes on to... Continue Reading →

Unscripted Ephesians Ch 4

Theology of inclusion. Process versus Product.   In many areas, you can have quality in one area, such as Process, but it comes at the expense of the other—especially in theatre.  Where this debate often plays out is in casting. If you are of an exclusive mind, then you can easily turn down people who don’t... Continue Reading →

Unscripted Ephesians Ch 3

So much of the theatre world is about accomplishment.  You prove your potential to casting directors by auditioning, and giving them a resume—the bigger the roles, and the longer the list, the better.  In addition to personal accomplishment, you can get a big reputation boost by dropping a few key names—famous theatres you’ve worked at... Continue Reading →

Unscripted Ephesians Ch 2

There is a theatre joke that I love:  What do you call an actor with out techies (those are the people who wear black all the time, and do things off-stage)…What do you call an actor without techies? Someone standing alone in the dark, naked, trying to emote.  What do you call a techie without... Continue Reading →

Unscripted Ephesians: chapter 1

The book of Ephesians, like many others in the Bible, starts off with an excited flurry of language—It feels a little excessive, really, to the modern reader.  And, to further the case against Ephesians, the book contains a slew of phrases that have become the basis of “christianese”: insider language that is so over used,... Continue Reading →

Unscripted Ephesians: an introduction

Last quarter I took a class on Ephesians, and through a quarter-long series of events (including a pretty serious illness) I had to resort to taking an Incomplete in the class, in order to finish the final assignment at a later date. Then, as it turned out, my officially approved request for an Incomplete was... Continue Reading →

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