How Do You Count?

I am not a woman who is capable of finishing everything I attempt to start; nor do I finish things with perfection.  I make reading plans so I won't fall behind in class, and then fail to use them.  I plan ahead so that I won't be frantically finishing an assignment the same hour I... Continue Reading →

A Life of Quiet Desperation

It is already week two of the new quarter and I find myself feeling terribly behind in both homework and other sundry life-things.  Circumstances being what they are, last week was horribly busy for me, and did not really allow any time for school work to be done.  This is not a complaint, however, because... Continue Reading →

41 blessings in one day

1. I woke up on time (yes, on a day like today, undoubtedly a blessing) 2. I managed to get to my 8 am class on time 3. before I got to class, I actually had time to grab a cup of coffee. 4. and before that, I managed to eat a decent breakfast (this... Continue Reading →

Did you know?

That everyone is experiencing their story, not yours, and not mine?Sometimes we need to remember that everyone else isn't a surperflous character in the story of ME. Rather, we have the opportunity to be an excellent supporting character in the story of Them + God.We also need to recongize the people who are being "excellent... Continue Reading →

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