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An interesting video I stumbled across this morning.  Perhaps even an interesting lead-in for the discussion we'll be having today in my Theology and Culture class about Body.

it’s not About Me, at least not entirely

I started this blog a couple of years ago because I would go to a Bible study, or read a book or a devotional, and have some kind of interesting thought or even a revelation about God, or faith, or living as a Christian. I would go home to my empty house and want to... Continue Reading →

Are you Lazy? (confession 4)

Man, sometimes I feel like the laziest person I know. I live with two other women, and we're all quite different from one another.  Both of my roommates put me to shame when it comes to focus.  They both always seem to be studying, or getting lots of other things done.  One of my roommates... Continue Reading →


Well, the application is long since turned in, and as may be expected, all manner of self doubt is now vying for my attention. So what to do? Focus elsewhere, I guess. I've pulled a stack of books out in an effort to finally get through my purchased-with-the-intent-to-read reading list (close to the top of... Continue Reading →

Our weakness doesn’t overpower God

Have you ever dealt with a disappointment? Have you ever felt that God has dropped the ball? Asked you for more than you could do? Or that He hasn‘t come through with something you really needed, because you weren’t good enough? Are you still allowing these thoughts to interfere with your life? God's response to... Continue Reading →

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