The Prophet Nathan

Nathans where are you? These evangelical leaders who have built church-kingdoms to exalt their own name, to bring themselves power and authority. They drive away the dissenting voices. They curate, consolidate and fortify their power. They drive away the prophetic voices that would call out idols, making the wealthy and entitled voices cry out, "That... Continue Reading →

What She Didn’t Say

A couple of years ago, Beth Moore posted an open letter to "[our] Brothers In Christ", shedding light on her experiences as a woman in vocational ministry--particularly her experiences of misogyny and even discrimination. I encourage you to read it (link above).  I have no doubt that each paragraph is painstakingly crafted; each word carefully... Continue Reading →

Further Dialog on the blog by Lori Alexander (of debt-free-virgin fame)

The following comment was made on my Facebook post where I shared last week's blog entry. I felt the commenter's thought (and my response) a worthwhile addition to the original post.  But, as I continued to write, I began to realize that I needed more than just a few lines to respond, and therefore it might be... Continue Reading →

Speaking Truth when Surrounded

I have been surrounded lately. Do you ever feel surrounded? It can be a good thing, or bad, depending on what is surrounding you. I'm betting, though, that the word conjures up a negative response when I mention it. It feels like a hostage situation when you read it; countless movies and TV shows have used... Continue Reading →

Reconsidering Peace

What does Peace  mean to you?The cessation of all hostilities? Freedom from oppression? The end of human suffering? Resolution to conflict?  Ending war? Maybe reconciling with a friend that you've been fighting with.  Maybe for your toddler to finally go to bed.  Or maybe just a good book, a cuddly blanket and some quiet? We... Continue Reading →

Defeat hiding in Hesitation

A while back, I felt a nudging to reengage on my blog. I felt that I’d been given the previous year to focus on further developing the Armory Journal, and that now I was being nudged to move my focus toward bringing this website back to life. I was excited to do it, and I... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Plantar Fasciitis

...if we’re going to step into that calling as his adopted daughters, we need to do more than the minimum. We need to do more than wear good shoes and wish our spiritual “foot pain” would go away.

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