Reconsidering Peace

What does Peace  mean to you?The cessation of all hostilities? Freedom from oppression? The end of human suffering? Resolution to conflict?  Ending war? Maybe reconciling with a friend that you've been fighting with.  Maybe for your toddler to finally go to bed.  Or maybe just a good book, a cuddly blanket and some quiet? We... Continue Reading →

Defeat hiding in Hesitation

A while back, I felt a nudging to reengage on my blog. I felt that I’d been given the previous year to focus on further developing the Armory Journal, and that now I was being nudged to move my focus toward bringing this website back to life. I was excited to do it, and I... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Plantar Fasciitis

...if we’re going to step into that calling as his adopted daughters, we need to do more than the minimum. We need to do more than wear good shoes and wish our spiritual “foot pain” would go away.

Car Rodeo

I found a raccoon in my car. I don’t know about you, but I have lived way too much of my life disconnected from the truth of how God delights in me. Not that he’s delighted in everything that I say and do, but he loves me so dearly that he delights in me, in... Continue Reading →

What is a Shieldmaiden in Christ?

If you have spent any amount of time looking around my site, (If you're new, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!!) you've probably noticed that I frequently use the term "Shieldmaiden."   You might be asking questions like: what is a Shieldmaiden? What am I referring to when I use the term? Am I borrowing... Continue Reading →

Merging right to turn left

I wonder how often you and I are in a situations where the Enemy keeps prodding and poking us so much that we are ready to take any sideways glance—or any lane change--as overtures of hostility. Sly whispers that people around us are encroaching our territory, taking what ought to be ours; that we must defend ourselves, defend our rights, protect ourselves, to assert ourselves or we will surely be harmed. Whispered lies that we must dominate others or we ourselves will be dominated.

Battle Cries

The incredible truth of declaring “it is well with my soul”, is the fact that in any given moment, it very well might not be.Tweet The incredible truth of declaring “it is well with my soul”, is the fact that in any given moment, it very well might not be. It is easy enough to... Continue Reading →

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