Merging right to turn left

Spoiler alert: A co-worker of mine tried to kill me the other day.

Ok, perhaps not LITERALLY, but kinda. It felt like it anyway.

Like so many, I have a morning commute .  Many of you know all too well that 7:45 am, mass hysteria of the semi-caffeinated hordes. Luckily my drive only takes me a few miles, and very rarely gets out of hand.   Continue reading “Merging right to turn left”


The battle lines have been drawn

photo by Matt Cockbain

Do you feel that you are a woman of strength? Are you powerful? Strong? Equipped? Do you feel prepared to face the battles that may come your way? Are you angry? Hurt? Burdened? At war?

Do you know what “Victory in Christ” is?  I wonder if any of us truly do, because it seems clear that very few of us are living victoriously. The saving work of Jesus and his Gospel is an ongoing event in your life.  It predates the moment when you accepted Christ and submitted to him—because he was working toward this goal before you knew it—and continues every day after.  Salvation in Christ is MORE than simply acknowledging him as God and your Savior.  The work that Jesus does in the life of every believer is a continual process that includes saving, healing, equipping, instructing, and sanctification. Continue reading “The battle lines have been drawn”